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Listings in Raleigh

Buying a house in Raleigh?

Interested in seeing how much your current home equity could get you somewhere else, say, North Carolina? Check out some of these homes and see how they compare in price and value to your current home! If you are interested in learning more about getting into a home like some of these, reach out to Michael Terbet with the Ida Terbet group in Raleigh! Having grown up in Raleigh, he truly is a local real estate expert of the area and can answer any questions you might have. Want to make sure you could find parks to enjoy with your family, meet some friends for a beer, and/or also explore new places all within a reasonable radius of your home? Interested in expanding your investment property portfolio and want help in deciding the most strategic location for it? Who you work with matters and ‘Terb’ is your guy to help you achieve your real estate goals.