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In This Competitive Housing Market, Everything Happens For a Reason

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There is nothing more gratifying than calling my clients, telling them they got the home of their dreams, and to start packing! In this competitive market, this call is typically made after our offer was accepted in a multiple offer situation.  However, there are times that this is not the case, and our offer was not selected.  It is tough during that time, and to let my clients know that our offer was not accepted.  I know that they have been waiting by their phones waiting for my call.  What makes it very hard on me, is that my clients listened to my advice, and did exactly what I suggested to win the deal! They went “all in” with nothing left to regret with their offer.  I tell them though, that I am glad we put our best offer in, and have no regrets.
Just like when I coached basketball, and something may not have gone how we wanted during the game,  I would look my players in the eyes and  tell them,  “next play”. We will continue to move forward and find my clients a great property.  In many cases, this is exactly what happens.  We find another home that they love, we put together a phenomenal offer, and win the deal! In saying this, when I start working with people with their home search,  I let them know that we may encounter some obstacles, some setbacks, but at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason.  The perfect home is out there for them, and we will find it!
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